What to do when your marketing tactics are not working

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Recently, Social Media Examiner posted an excellent article written by Eric Siu, CEO of Single Grain, titled “What To Do When Social Media is Not Working for Your Business”. I wanted to share it. The article is specific to social media but is based on the broad concepts of successful marketing communications strategy.

So, whether you are using an integrated strategy or just social media, use these marketing communications concepts to be successful. And be sure to read Eric’s article for specific social media examples.

1. Know your audience(s). Who are they? Where do they reside or work? What are their demographics? What do they read? What/who influences them? How do they buy? What do they buy? How frequently? How much?

2. Develop tactics for your audience or audiences. Because it will take 7-11 impressions to prompt an action, develop a combination of tactics most suitable to each audience. The tactics could be in a single medium (such as social media) or they could be a combination using several mediums such as advertising, events, newsletters, direct mail, etc.

3. Set goals. For each tactic, establish your goals. Be sure to develop a ROI for each tactic to ensure each are cost effective.

4. Launch the tactics. If you are using multiple tactics, be sure to launch them at the same time for maximum impact in the marketplace.

5. Track and measure results. Set up tracking methods for each tactic. Track and measure the results based on your goals.

6. Evaluate the results. How did the tactics do? Which ones performed the best? Were there some that worked well, some that did not and some that need refinement?

7. Refine your tactics or alter the strategy. Based on the results, refine or alter your strategy and tactics.

8. Try again.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate your comments.

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